The Future of Work is HR-A-A-S

Human Resource As A Service

A Global Revolution In The Use of Technology For Business Is Coming

Africa Must Be Ready

Your Business Must Execute At The Speed of Thought

Your Team Must Operate At The Speed of Light

Every Business Will Be A Software Business

The era of separating traditional industries and technology industries is over—and those who fail to adapt right now will soon find themselves obsolete - David Kirkpatrick,

The Future Of Work Is Distributed And Artificial

Work is no longer just about Labour; its about productivity brought about by a Skilled Workforce. As long as Work is done, the location, proximity or humanity of the workforce is becoming less relevant

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We are deeply passionate about solving Africa's technology and human capital development challenges

We build platforms, train developers, develop content, setup infrastructure and do bespoke consultancy.

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Content Development

Website Design & Development, Mobile App Development (Android & iOS), Animated Videos & Stories


Domain Name, Website Hosting, Basic/Enterprise Email setup, Cloud and Serverless Infrastructure? We have been doing this for 10 years and can get you setup faster than you can probably imagine.

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